Monday, June 23, 2008

Physician Adoption of EMR's

New England Journal of Medicine's July 3 print edition will include a survey on physician adoption of EMR's. Conclusion: 4% have fully functional EMR's and 13% have basic ones. What about the other 83%? What are the barriers?

Not surprisingly, it's capital and return on investment.

So is there any good news in this picture? Actually yes. Physicians that have adopted are seeing the value in patient safety, operational effectiveness and cost.


Jay Andrews said...

EMR systems are being adopted in many hospitals and private clinics. This would take time to get the whole data from paper to get digital but in near future all the US residents will have a online medical records as Obama adminitration has set a deadline by 2014 to digitize all the data of hospitals.

Touchworks said...

an EMR system tracks a patient’s entire health and medical history in a computerized, electronic format that is accessible wherever the patient is. These records are more easily retrievable than manual systems, and can make a patient’s navigation through the health care system much safer and more efficient.