Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Week in Review - March 5, 2009

This is a new segment looking back at some of the best news stories (and some entertaining diversions) from the week in health care.

So why is reforming health care so important or so hard?

The "other woman" of health care reform: Nancy-Ann DeParle.

Twittering in health care, seriously?

Obama's health care budget: kicking the can down the road? Or a down-payment on a reform?

Timing is everything. As Obama's budget is released, the Institute of Medicine reports on the chasm between health care needs and access to health care for the uninsured. And the ramifications? "Needless illness, suffering and even death".

A windy city look at the evolutionary changes happening across the healthcare spectrum: Crains (registration required) opines on Medical Evolution.

The latest Grand Rounds is published, featuring a Healthcare Technology News piece on health care IT's impact on complications, mortality and cost (it's all good).

Health care systems: Do they lead or lag the financial industry in analytics? John Halamka unleashes (gently) in Business Week.

For the strangest health care non-story of the week: In a sidebar column, CDC reports that "alleged beer pong / herpes simplex study is a hoax". The Colbert Report delivers further insight (warning R-rated):

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