Thursday, December 10, 2009

Health Wonk Review

Health Wonk Review is up at Workers Comp Insider featuring a very funny Santa Sessions video and some terrific posts on "Sausage Making" and more traditional wonkish categories including Quality/Safety and Technology/Innovation.

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Anonymous said...

Whether you are a Republicaan, a Democrat, or an Independent, Everyone's Primary Goal must to Used HIT to CONTAINED OUR SKYROCKETING HEALTHCARE SPENDING. We must used some of the Stimulus Funds to Build Smart/Intelligent Infrastructure Services for: Smart Grids, Transportation Systems, Broadband, and Healthcare IT. This Investment will Enabled New Jobs Creation and Economic Recovery.

Proper Deployment of Health Information Technology (HIT) Solutions and Training will Increased Productivity (i, e, medical data mining/warehousing, risks treatment, service delivery), Efficiency (i, e, medical errors, redundant and inappropriate care), and have a Costs Savings of around 20-30% of our Annual National Healthcare Expenditures (2008, $2.5 Trillions).

The Engine of Economic Growth in this 21st Century is "Broadband." We can start by, Deploying a pure Packet-bed, All Optical/IP, Multi-Service National Transport Network Infrastructure, using Optical Ethernet.

The Investment in the Next Generation "Network of Networks", in addition too New Jobs Creation and Economic Recovery, can also Serve as a Business Driver for: e-Healthcare, e-Commerce, e-Education, Energy Systems, Transportation Systems, Social Networking, Entertainment. etc.

See: for NHIN Summary Plan.

Gadema Korbooi Quoquoi
Presient & CEO