Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rave Review - ADP & Capital C

In a break from HTN's usual fare...

Check out the latest Indie up & comer - ADP and Capital C's "The Dope Sauce" EP, with a rave review from Brianna Smith, The New York Examiner's Indie Music critic:

"They've tagged their music as "chillwave, raw hip hop beats, and Brooklyn." That doesn't even begin to describe how sick these songs are. There's an infusion of jazz/funk hooks, glitch-hop, and flawless drum beats. It's a Sunday afternoon in Brooklyn at a block party, but not the wild-too-drunk-kind, the kind where your whole family is there, and you're smoking and laying out on thrifted patio furniture and you're thinking to yourself that nothing could be better than that moment. ADP is in your neighborhood. It's impossible to pick a favorite track off of this EP, as they are all so unique. There is no doubt that if they continue to produce tracks like this, they will get used by every great remix and hip-hop artist out there. The thought of RZA or Mos Def or ODB sampling these tracks is blwoing me out of my skull."

The download is available here.

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