Thursday, October 21, 2010

Accountable Care Organizations - the week's top links

Accountable Care: The Top Five Things the Community Hospital Can Do Now by Luke Peterson

Report from the Accountable Care Organization Workshop by Bass Berry Sims

Accountable Care Organizations: The Gathering Storm? at Better Health

Accountable Care Organizations - Accountable for What, to Whom, and How by Elliott Fisher, Stephen Shortell

ACOs and the Looming Antitrust Crisis By David Dranove

2011 Draft Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) by NCQA

Hospital Strategies to Support Accountable Care by HFMA

Accountable Care Organizations Workshop by the Office of the Inspector General

10 Stories on How to Build an Accountable Care Organization by Becker's Hospital Review

The Health Reform (Almost) Everyone Loves by Michael Millenson

Shared Savings Program for Accountable Care Organizations: A Bridge to Nowhere? by Robert Berenson


suvarna said...

Nice Blog!!!
Thanks For Great Information

Jennifer Dennard said...

Great list of resources for those of us (which seems to be everyone in healthcare right now) who want to keep up with the moving target that is the ACO. I'd also suggest readers check out Porter Research's series on ACOs: The Building Blocks of ACOs. ( The first in this three part series helps readers understand what an ACO is, and what benefits it brings to all players involved, according to providers, vendors and insurers.