Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Accelerating plans for EHR adoption cited

A recent CapSite study finds that 63% of physician practices plan to replace their current practice management sysetm (PM) with an integrated PM and Electronic Health Record. This is up significantly from 46% just 3 years ago.  According to the same study, another 38% of physician practices are planning on an upgrade or replacement of the PM.

Which according to my math leaves negative one percent planning no investments in health IT ;-)

According to CapSite, practice efficiency was the top driver for investment in the EHR.

CapSite's report on the 2011 U.S. Ambulatory Electronic Health Record and Practice Management Study surveyed 1,300 independent physician practices to assess the impact of Meaningful Use on market adoption of EHR's.

According to Gino Johnson, SVP and GM at CapSite, “Despite significant EHR purchasing activity over the past two years, our findings from this most recent study does not show the market slowing down yet. Our model is projecting a market opportunity in excess of $3 billion for Ambulatory EHR and Practice Management solutions through 2013.”


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