Monday, August 10, 2009

ICD-10 Implementation Should Begin By January 18, 2010

NCHICA and WEDI released their timeline for ICD-10 implementation. The timeline illustrates the need for all segments of the healthcare industry to start planning work now in order to meet the October 1, 2013 compliance deadline. Implementation is estimated to take a total of 966 days and should begin by January 18, 2010.

The timeline was developed by the NCHICA-WEDI Timeline Initiative, a collaboration of provider, health plan and vendor representatives serving on several workgroups. It details the steps and time required for each industry segment (providers, plans and vendors) to effectively implement this major change in how the healthcare industry identifies diagnoses and inpatient hospital procedures.

CMS has set expectations that the industry meet the deadline, and no contingency period will be allowed.

Holt Anderson, the Executive Director of NCHICA, emphasized that “The NCHICA-WEDI timeline shows graphically that the full time from now to October 2013 will be required to successfully meet the compliance deadline. We cannot continue to delay this effort.”


Anonymous said...

A switch to ICD 10 was first proposed when I was in college. When I left working in the health care industry in 1997, "THE ARRIVAL OF ICD 10" was right around the tracks. It looks like it is evolving a legend almost equivalent with the second coming.

Allscripts said...

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