Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Physician Use of EHR's Increasing

In December 2009, the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics reported the results of its National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey which included data on non-federal office-based physician use of EHR's. In line with other surveys, use of "fully functional" EHR's remains stubbornly low at 6.3%. Use of basic systems rose to 20.5% and use of "any EMR/EHR system" has climbed to 43.9%.

Basic systems include: "patient demographic information, patient problem lists, clinical notes, orders for prescriptions, and viewing laboratory and imaging results". Fully functional systems include the basics plus "medical history and follow-up, orders for tests, prescription and test orders sent electronically, warnings of drug interactions or contraindications, highlighting of out-of-range test levels, and reminders for guideline-based interventions."


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