Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lumpers and splitters reconciled - Getting from complexity to simplicity

Ecologist Eric Berlow contends that complex doesn't equal complicated. Through the use of visualization tools on an ordered network, he shows how analytics applied to the natural world have application to other spheres. 3 minute presentation.

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Michelle W said...

Thanks for sharing this video. As an inductive thinker, this kind of "big picture" graphing and zooming really appeals to me. I totally agree with his assertions, and it's often been frustrating to me as a student of history to hear someone try to answer a question (like, "What caused WWI?") with a simple answer (ie, "The death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand"). The truth is that multiple forces from all over influence any one event, and a complex one like war has multiple reasons for continuing beyond whatever the original "trigger" happened to be. We do ourselves a diservice by not looking at the whole story.