Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Prepping for the ACO announcement

What to do while we're waiting for CMS' proposed rule on accountable care organizations? Why not read what everyone else is saying about ACO?

Accountable Care Organizations — The Fork in the Road by Thomas L. Greaney, J.D.

Accountable Care Organizations - the week's top links by Rich Elmore

Accountable Care Organizations - top links by Rich Elmore

A Model For Integrating Independent Physicians Into Accountable Care Organizations by Mark Shields, Pankaj Patel, Martin Manning and Lee Sacks

Berwick: Some claim ACO status without truly changing by Sandra Yin

Accountable Care Organizations: Health IT's Critical Role by Bruce Fried
CMS ramps up for ACOs, seeks physician input by Diana Manos

Designing a health IT backbone for ACO's by PWC Health Research Institute

Accountable Care Organizations Hold Promise But Will They Achieve Cost and Quality Targets? by Peter Boland, Phil Polakoff and Ted Schwab

6 points every physician should consider about Medicare ACOs by Asa Lockhart

Accountable Care Organizations in California - Lessons for the National Debate on Delivery System Reform by James Robinson and Emma Dolan

CMS Faces Divisions Within the Agency on its Rules for Accountable Care Organizations by Judy Packer-Tursman

ACOs: Is this the next big thing or not? by Warren Skea and Brett Hickman

Patients’ Role in Accountable Care Organizations by Anna Sinaiko and Meredith Rosenthal

Physicians Need to Lead Accountable Care Organizations to Protect Profession by Robert Lowes

An Accountable Care Organization Reading List by Chris Fleming

Health Policy Brief - Accountable Care Organizations by Health Affairs and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

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