Wednesday, January 12, 2011

US health care prices

 The US, ranked just higher than Slovenia in performance among world health systems, has consistently higher prices than any other country surveyed by the International Federation of Health Plans. The report consists of 23 pricing measures and the pattern is the same across the board.

As examples, the full report shows "total hospital and physician costs for delivering a baby are $2,147 in Germany, $2,667 in Canada, and an average of $8,435 in the United States. The survey shows that the cost for a hospital stay is $1,679 in Spain, $7,707 in Canada, but these costs can range from an average of $14,427 to $45,902 in the United States. The survey also found that the cost of a widely prescribed drug like Nexium can range from $30 in the United Kingdom to $186, the average cost in the United States."

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Tim Richardson, PT said...

Reinhardt reported this in, I think, 2003. Also, every large, rich nation provides universal access to healthcare by limiting access to specialists (as specialist fees decline, fewer specialists are willing to provide that service at lower prices).

If that is the path for America, how quickly do you see fees declining and is there any other mechanism than price that would decrease expensive and sometimes unnecessary procedures?

Thank you

Tim Richardson, PT